Ambassadors For Christ Ministries Foundation (AFCMF)
Not for Profit Certified by IRS 501(c)(3)


This AFCMF Ministry, was started in 1999 and established as AFCMF in 2000. The Founder is a born-again Christian, currently working in the US government.

  • The ministry is active in south-central part of India, a place bordering between Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh States

  • It was a mission field of A's father, a Christian Minister and where A stayed until he went off for his college education

  • The area where this ministry operates is backward, with mostly Hindu community where no church-establishment could reach as languages are entirely different. These villages are clustered between two Indian States.

  • A is the only speaker who does speaking five days (to about 30,000) in each year, normally in the first week of November.

To date the mission activities are:

  • Support 8 full-time evangelists

  • Establish 14 churches, 2 more targeted to be built in 2017

  • Reach around 1,500 in a year, as an average, through gospel messages, to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as their savior (18,000 in 17 years)

  • Purchased and being maintained - a vehicle for ministry purposes in India

  • Travel to India (The Founders) spending $9k each year for meeting expenses and round trip from USA to India

  • Counsel and baptize those who respond to the invitation

  • Allocate funds to help poor, widows with financial assistance and provide helping hand during weather calamities.

  • Work with Tribals (generally who have no god). A place of worship was built for one such colony.