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Pages continue to turn and after 22 years on staff with Cru, I am bidding farewell to the ministry I have been part of since 1996. Here I have grown spiritually and emotionally, watched others come to faith, gained invaluable tools, walked mountain tops and deep valleys. I have seen God provide in such abundance it leaves me speechless. You have been part of God’s provision for me in giving, praying, encouraging.

It seems fitting to recount a few snapshots of God’s faithfulness and leading those 22 years. Many of you have been along for the ride through each of these places, but for those who hopped on later, here’s where we’ve been.

In October 1996 Scott and I joined staff and attended new staff training in Orlando, FL. By February 1997 we had quit our full-time jobs and hit the road to finish raising our initial support.

We reported to the United States Air Force Academy with Cru Military (then Military Ministry) October 1997 with a 3-month-old Josh in tow. We spent 7 years learning how to love and lead and do life as a family. Sam and Kaitlyn joined our clan.

May 2003, we packed up our belongings and our 3 kiddos and headed for Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas. Zach was born 6 weeks after we arrived. We settled in to local ministry and to launch Valor across the country.

By the next summer we were ready to begin the tradition of spending summers away from the Texas heat. We headed north so we could invest time with students as we led Valor, and then Lifelines, summer projects. What started in the Bitterroot Valley of Montana in 2004 moved to Alaska in 2006.

June 2010, we purchase the property on Lake Clark that would be home to our ministry during the summers.

Ten years after arriving in College Station we said our goodbyes and made our way to living full time in Port Alsworth, Alaska.

In 2014 we moved from Cru Military to Lifelines, the outdoor ministry of Cru.

In December 2014 we completed building our home in Port Alsworth and our lives were settled in this place. Life was full of school and sports and ministry and community.

2013-16 we saw God open more doors more quickly than we expected and we immersed ourselves in community life both in our village and in the lives of those in the villages nearby as God gave us the opportunity through coaching, foster care, and community connections.

Then came December 7, 2016 when life took an unexpected turn and Scott, Kaitlyn and Zach went on to heaven ahead of Josh, Sam and me.

Josh came home for the semester and we began the grieving process together in Port Alsworth. In May 2017 Sam graduated from high school, and in August Josh and Sam headed to college. It was a gift to be able to have those months together in the same space.

In the fall of 2017 God used changes of scenery to breathe life into my heart as I traveled in Europe and spent time with family. There were also many very dark days as 2017 drew to a close and we realized we had made it through the first year.

February– April 2018 I completed two Biblical studies classes and then spent 6 weeks in Bend OR working with the Lifelines team I expected to join in the fall. During this time God also saw fit to rearrange my plans by bringing Barry McFarlane onto the scene. He lost his wife, Debbie, to cancer in November of 2015 and has 2 boys, Kelly, 17 and Ian, 14. It didn’t take long for us to see that God had brought us together and the future on the horizon looked bright. We both marvel that there can be so much joy after so much pain. What an amazing provision.

So here I am, finding myself looking back at the ways God has been so faithful to lead and provide in the past and forward to what He is leading me into for the future. I am moving to Turlock, California and will become Mrs. Barry McFarlane on September 8, 2018. We will live in Turlock with plans to spend the summer of 2019 at the lodge on Lake Clark.

While full-time ministry will no longer be my label, I look ahead with hopeful anticipation at what good works God has planned for me to walk in. The passions that He has planted will continue to grow and flourish in this new place and in this new season.

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