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Our Team

Our Team

Crossroads Bible Church of Bellevue, Washington sent their first team to Klosterneuburg, Austria in June of 2017. The team worked with our Ministry Partners, Jonathan and Raphaela Mauerhofer, to help their young church continue to grow and influence the community.

Jonathan, Raphaela and Isaiah Mauerhofer

Jonathan, Raphaela and Isaiah Mauerhofer

The team met regularly to prepare for a week of activities that gave the Spanish people a taste of American culture. Selecting fun activities reaching a variety of interests is challenging. The team offered everything from swing-dancing to quilting classes. They gathered supplies, discussed cross-cultural differences and readied themselves for the overseas ministry trip.

Excerpts from Elder Report…

…This short-term team assignment was mutually beneficial, and by all accounts very successful. Exhausting, but very successful.

…I was quite nervous and full of self-doubt. Our team leaders were well organized with every task clearly defined and assigned to team members according to skills and talents.

…we were greeted with huge, genuine smiles and the warmest of welcomes…. the members of EGK became family to us.

…I saw God bring me trhough our full daily and nightly schedules victoriously. I could not have done it without Him!

…It was a humbling experience for me to have to approach our friends and family via letter to ask for support, either financially, through prayers, or both… The Lord made me realize how much the financial donors and prayer partners are just as much a part of the short-term team as those who actually serve on the trip.

…My experience impressed upon me the Holy Spirit’s conviction to make room for others. I have the tendency to prioritize work and neglect personal relationships especially my personal relationship with Jesus.