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Mexico 2018

Team Members

Team Members

Ministry Partner - Susan Key Church Partner Rafael and Betty Rodriguez

Ministry Partner - Susan Key
Church Partner Rafael and Betty Rodriguez

Our team worked with ministry partner Susan Key and our church partner, Iglesia Cristiana El Faro. They worked alongside local church members using LEGO® outreach activities, games and crafts to engage local elementary aged children as part of a Spring Break Vacation Bible School.


To prepare for a week of outreach ministry the team spent time praying, studying the Word, gathering supplies and coordinating with Susan Key and the pastor of the El Faro Church.

a few debrief comments from team members…

…The team was clearly formed by the Lord and I am incredibly thankful for that. I didn’t know them at all or well before the trip. I now count them as brothers and sisters in Christ and dear, dear friends!

…My kids were undoubtedly stretched, and their worlds grew. Their picture of global outreach sharpened, and their view of God and how He works has grown. I can’t wait to see how He will use this in their lives moving forward.

…For me I felt like it was a sport in the way that if something went wrong you just had to go through it. Not many things went wrong but you either found a way to fix it or you just went through it. A big part of it was just having a good attitude.

…I know that in my heart it has stirred a deeper passion for missions and for reaching the lost. I have a richer appreciation for the sacrifices and dedication of missionaries who go out into foreign countries for the sake of the call.