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SPAIN 2013

Our 2013 Team

Our 2013 Team

Steve and Cathy Crawford

Steve and Cathy Crawford

Crossroads Bible Church sent their first team to Astorga, Spain to partner with Steve and Cathy Crawford in building relationships for the new church they plan to start. The group will presented a cultural workshop to the public. The workshops will created opportunities to share about a relationship with Jesus Christ. The interaction was followed up by the Crawfords and helped them launch their new ministry.


Excerpts from Elder Report…

…I didn’t fully realize it at the time, but prayer really did become the main crucial element to the success of this trip. This was important to remember because there were many obstacles that we faced as a team along the way that made our time in Astorga especially challenging.

…I believe my faith has grown again by leaps and bounds. I am continuing to grow in my active real world knowledge of seeing God move. We were privileged to be the "boots on the ground" this trip, but we understand fully that the "air support" provided by so many kept us moving.

…I now understand when God says he wants our hearts not perfection. As we got closer to the end of our trip, God did work in all of our hearts as we co-labored and melded together for the love of Jesus Christ.

…Throughout the week it was amazing to work with the believers from Ponferrada. I was able to see the love that they have for the lost even within their own country. Many sacrificed time and money to join us but they were faithful in coming day after day.

…God provided a sense of calm and adventure in all of us and we just went with the flow. As much as one could plan for a week of activities, it wasn’t until we were there in Astorga that it all became real.

…We began the trip with a lot of unknown details but with hearts ready to serve. God brought people to our classes, with more and more attending throughout the week.