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SPAIN 2015

Our Team

Our Team

Crossroads Bible Church of Bellevue, Washington sent their third team to Astorga, Spain in June of 2015. The team worked with our Ministry Partners, Steve and Cathy Crawford, to help their young church continue to grow and influence the community. Our group invited the public to an American cultural fair that gave the church a platform to meet people and share about the love of Jesus. 

Steve and Cathy Crawford

Steve and Cathy Crawford

The team met regularly to prepare for a week of activities that gave the Spanish people a taste of American culture. Selecting fun activities reaching a variety of interests is challenging. The team offered everything from swing-dancing to quilting classes. They gathered supplies, discussed cross-cultural differences and readied themselves for the overseas ministry trip.

Excerpts from Elder Report…

…The difficult situations were intensified by being extremely tired by long days of hard work, the work in Spain seeming so slow at times and the soil of people’s hearts appearing unbreakable, but they were brought back to rest when being reminded that the Lord of the Havest is at work and His capable hands know how to break through even the hardest of hearts. …

…the situation in Astorga is a reminder to me of how blessed I am to have so many Christian friends and influences in my life - these things are rare in there and it can be a lonely life for the Crawfords.

…I got to see Spain and eat delicious food. Got to step outside of my comfort zone a few times which is absolutely sanctifying and necessary. Got to lean on Jesus and the Spirit a bit harder.

…I learned we need a lot of patience; that flexibility is mandatory; prayer is powerful; good relationships require a lot of listening and a lot of humility…

…Seeing the Crawford’s ministry with my own eyes, and even being part of it, helped me to know better how to pray for them. I have a personal interest in their work now…

…it was difficult for me to submit to someone else’s direction when I knew a better way to accomplish the task...I turned it over to the Lord and He got my ego out of the way…it was a joy to work in harmony with them.

…Thank you for allowing me to have this faith building and growing experience. I felt so privileged to be a small part of the effort in Astorga.