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Slovenia Fusion
Camp 2019

 Ministry Partner, Zala Cempre

Ministry Partner, Zala Cempre

The team will travel to Slovenia in southern central Europe to co-host a Josiah Venture FUSION Camp for Slovene youth. They will work with Ministry Partner Zala Cempre and local JV FUSION team. This is the second team CBC will send to help with this camp.

There is additional training from JV once the team arrives to Ljubljana. Once camp starts there are early mornings and late nights. You will be stretched, you will grow, and you will return a changed follower of Jesus!

The team will meet regularly preparing to teach and assist with Music workshops. The workshops are designed for students at a variety of skill levels. The team will practice the music for the camp, explore cross-cultural differences between Slovenes and Americans. As well as take care of various logistical items and learn how to work together as a team.