Rob & Karen Jaworski

MINISTRY: Biblical preaching, group Bible studies, training in expositional preaching, studies in theology, Scripture memorization programs, English conversation with unbelievers, organization of Christian concerts in the city are some of the ministries and activities of "14:6 Vida." This association was formed by Rob and Karen for the purpose of presenting the transforming truths of Scripture in Toledo, Spain, a city in which only 0.5% of its residents are born-gain Christians. Its aim is to help non-believers encounter the truths concerning Christ; to edify believers from the evangelical community for service in their churches; and to form into a new church a body of believers that meets for worship in the association storefront. Additionally, Rob and Karen serve as president and treasurer of Camino Global en Esapana which has twelve couples ministering throughout Spain.

VISION: For our church planting ministry and our ministry to the evangelical community in Toledo is to see lives of people transformed through the truths of Scripture

  • to begin and grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ,

  • to be equipped to share the gospel of Christ with others

  • to be prepared to serve in their family, in their church, and beyond.

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serving in Toledo, SPAIN

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