Global Outreach partners with people who have been called to serve around the globe. We refer to these individuals as Ministry Partners. Crossroads Bible Church is committed to strengthening existing churches and to plant new churches. These relationships are known as Church Partners. Our Ministry Partners work with sending agencies and we support them through their agencies.


CHURCH partners

Planting or strengthening churches is a long-term strategy for accomplishing God’s mission to reach all the nations. Each church has the ongoing capacity to grow, to train, and to send people to fulfill God’s mission. In short, this will establish a sustaining witness to reach people with the gospel for generations to come.

MINISTRY partners

Global Outreach partners with 30 Ministry Partners, locally and globally.


Crossroads Bible Church has a sending agency, International Network for Leadership Development which has seven members. Global Outreach supports Partners through sending agencies. For a complete list of agencies our ministry partners work with go to the bottom of the page and select agencies button.